Oncology Insights

Oncology Insights
Official Journal of the Serbian Association for Cancer Research

Aims and Scope

Oncology Insights is a yearly oncological open-access peer-reviewed journal that publishes new research from different areas of oncology. It strives to provide a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge research and knowledge in the field of oncology. This journal aims to advance the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through the dissemination of high-quality scientific discoveries. The journal applies a fair and accurate peer review process, employing single-blind review methodologies. Acceptance of manuscripts is based on their scientific merit, originality, clarity, and contribution to the field.


Oncology Insights covers a wide spectrum of topics within the field of oncology, including but not limited to:

• Basic and Translational Research
• Clinical Oncology
• Radiation Oncology
• Surgical Oncology
• Pediatric Oncology
• Hematologic Oncology
• Palliative Care
• Epidemiology and Public Health
• Cancer Genetics
• Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapies
• Experimental Therapeutics
• Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence


Oncology Insights welcomes various types of contributions including original research articles, review articles, case reports, case studies, clinical trials, registered reports, comments, brief communications, editorials, letters to the editor, perspectives, and conference papers from a wide range of disciplines related to cancer research.

Through encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations, the journal welcomes contributions that integrate oncology with related fields such as immunology, genetics, biochemistry, radiology, and other relevant disciplines. The journal places a special emphasis on publishing research that highlights emerging trends, novel technologies, and innovative approaches in cancer research and clinical practice.

Oncology Insights is intended for a diverse readership, including oncologists, researchers, clinicians, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, patients, patient advocates, policymakers, and all stakeholders involved in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. It adopts a global perspective, encompassing research from diverse regions addressing oncological challenges that may vary across different populations.

The journal is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in research and publication provided by established international guidelines.

Periodically, Oncology Insights may publish special issues focusing on specific topics to highlight particular areas of interest or emerging needs.

Authors are provided with clear and comprehensive guidelines for manuscript preparation, including structure, formatting, and other specific requirements.

The Journal is listed in the Digital Repositorium of the National Library of Serbia