Page 9 - SDIR5 Abstract book 21 12 2021.
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13.52 – 13.59         Jelena Stanić. Radiation-induced lymphocyte apoptosis as a possible biological
                                     predictor  of  radiotherapy  toxicity  in  prostate  cancer  patients.  Institute  of
                                     Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Serbia

               13.59 – 14.06         Aleksandar Stepanović. Can miRNA expression patterns predict radiotoxicity in
                                     patients with glioblastoma? Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Serbia
               14.06 – 14.13         Bojana Kožik. Potential predictive role of K-ras gene mutation and BCL2 protein
                                     expression status in locally advanced rectal cancers treated with neoadjuvant
                                     chemoradiotherapy.  Vinča  Institute  of  Nuclear  Sciences,  National  Institute  of
                                     Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Serbia

               14.13 – 14.30         Discussion

               14.30 – 15.15         Poster  Session,  lunch  break  and  industry  session  viewing.
                                     Moderator Ana Krivokuća

               15.15 – 17.00         Session: Imaging in cancer

                                     Chair: Jelena Grahovac

               15.15 – 15.35         Bojana Gligorijević. Real-time microscopy of invasive cancer cells in the tumor
                                     microenvironment context. Temple University, USA

               15.35 – 15.55         Jelena Stanisavljević. Defining and imaging colon cancer heterogeneity. Institute
                                     of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona Institute for Science and Technology, Spain

               15.55 – 16.15         Giorgio  Seano.  Vessel  co-option  and  resistance  to  therapy  in  glioblastoma.
                                     Institut Curie Research Center, Centre Universitaire, France
               16.15 – 16.43         Short talks selected from abstracts

               16.15 – 16.22         Predrag Jovanovic. Characterizing the role of 4E-BP1 in breast cancer metastasis.
                                     Jewish  General  Hospital,  Lady  Davis  Institute,  Montreal,  Canada;  McGill
                                     University, Experimental Medicine, Montreal, Canada

               16.22 – 16.29         F. Koutsougianni. Siramesine, a non-opioid σ2 receptor agonist as a potential
                                     agent for the development of novel targeted treatments for pancreatic cancer.
                                     University of Thessaly, Larisa, Greece

               16.29 – 16.36         Batuhan Mert Kalkan. The role of Nek2 on centrosome clustering in cancer cells
                                     with  extra  centrosomes.  Koç  University,  Graduate  School  of  Health  Sciences,
                                     Istanbul, Turkey

               16.36 – 16.43         Tijana Martinov. Sox2-targeted T cell therapy for treating multiple myeloma.
                                     Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, United States of America

               16.43 – 17.00         Discussion

               17.00 – 17.30         Closing remarks and best poster awards. SDIR President Mirjana

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